My Top 5 Upcoming Games

There are a few really good upcoming games over the next few years and some coming more sooner than others. Here are my top 5 upcoming games. These are my personal top 5 games that I’m looking forward to the most. Some release this year and some don’t have a release date yet.

5 – Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3

Platform – PC, XBox One | Release Date – 2017

Crackdown 3 is the latest instalment in the series that will be releasing on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Microsoft said that the game will take advantage of Microsoft Azure cloud computing to allow fully destructible environments in online multiplayer. Unfortunately this feature won’t be available in single player and claims to be limited to smaller destructible environments instead.

Not much is known of the story as yet but back when the game was initially announced at E3 2014, under the name of just “Crackdown” it was not going to be a Sequel, but set in the future from the original. However, it has now been announced as Crackdown 3 so who knows, perhaps we will see more at E3 this year.


4 – Star Citizen: Squadron 42

Squadron 42

Platform – PC | Release Date – TBC 2017

Squadron 42 is a single player campaign that is set in the Star Citizen Universe. It is being sold as a separate product to Star Citizen itself. Initially planned for release at the end of 2016 it has since been delayed into 2017. Squadron 42 will release in an episodic format with the first episode hopefully releasing this year containing over 70 missions. There appears to be an all star cast for Squadron 42 with the likes of Mark Hamill and Gary Oldman lending their voices and motion capture performances to the team.

There’s still no definite release date for  the ambitious open world space simulator Star Citizen itself however its persistent universe is currently in Alpha stages, available to all backers of the game. This is one to keep an eye on but it has been in development for over 5 years now and some people fear it may never actually see a full release


3 – Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Platform – PS4, Xbox One, PC(TBC) | Release Date – Fall 2017

Possibly the most anticipated game of 2017, Rockstar recently announced Red Dead Redemption 2. Not much is currently known about RDR2. However there are hints that it is set before the original Red Dead Redemption following John Marston and his gang, perhaps explaining what went on before they went their separate ways.

Rockstar are promising “an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland” and are also hinting at a brand new online multiplayer (perhaps similar to GTA Online?). Slated for release in fall 2017, recent leaks also hint that there may be a PC release, something that we never saw for the first game. Here’s hoping that we are not kept waiting for over a year like we were with GTA V


2 – Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

Platform – PS4 | Release Date – March 1st 2017

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an open world action RPG releasing in the UK in March exclusively on the Playstation 4. From the creators of Killzone you play as Aloy, a hunter exploring a post apocalyptic world inhabited by robotic wildlife. From the trailers and gameplay footage Horizon looks beautiful and unique.

Modern day humanity seems to no longer exist and instead is split into tribes. With modern building slowly being consumed by wildlife and nature. Horizon promises to bring a beautiful world and refreshing, emotional story. This is my top upcoming game of 2017.


1 – The Last Of Us Part 2

The Last Of Us Part 2

Platform – PS4 | Release Date – TBC

Recently announced, The Last Of Us Part 2 is a sequel to the Action-Adventure Horror game staring Joel and Ellie. This time Naughty Dog have revealed that the main playable character will be Ellie and that this game is a continuation on Ellie and Joel’s story. It will be set several years after Part 1 and Ellie is 19. Not much has been said about the story at this point and it looks like the game is still quite early on in development.

From the trailer and confirmed at PSX 2016 we know that this story is about anger, hatred and revenge. Ellie is clearly wanting to seek revenge on people that have wronged her. Not much has been revealed about Joel although some people have made their own theories based on how clean he looks compared to everything else, see this video from Gameranx on the theories, but be warned there are spoilers. Part One of the last of us is one of my all time favorite games, no release date has been announced as of yet and it looks like it is still a year or two away yet but I personally can’t wait as I have played the first one quite a few times now


This list may change after E3 this year. There are sure to be some exciting announcements. Some of you may agree with my list or you may have your own opinions .

Is there a particular game that you’re looking forward to? I’d love to hear about it in the comments

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