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Team Racing League is a new unique team based strategy racing game developed by Gamious. It is currently available on steam early access for a reasonable price alongside a free demo. In this review I take a look at the game and help you decide whether you should give it a try.

EARLY ACCESS NOTE – Team Racing League is in early access, this means the game is not finished and changes are likely to be made to the game after this review is published.

So, What is it all about?

The aim of the game with Team Racing League is for your team to finish first. However, unlike other games, only one of your team members must make it across the line for your whole team to win. The reason for this is that the other 2 team members will be busy trying to stop the opposing team from winning by using some of the various abilities and tactics available to them. There are several ways this can be achieved. The game offers you certain abilities as well as using blocks scattered around the map. Abilities are split into 2 categories – Solo and Co-Driver.


The first of the solo abilities is to use your magnet to move blocks around the track. Place them in the right space and hope the opposing team drive into them, slowing them down. You can also use your anchor ability to try and block their path as well. These two tactics can be countered by our next ability, afterburners. Keeping your afterburners fired up and using them to burn the opposing team will eventually destroy them and their blocks. The only downside to this is that you need to stay still. Afterburners can also be used to give you a small speed boost and allow you to inflict damage on others.

Team based abilities liven things up…

Next, we have our Co-Driver abilities. By activating your magnet, you can move into another team player and couple together giving you some extra abilities. The simplest of this is that you have a slight speed boost. Holding shift will give you the ability to burn other players. This is similar to the solo ability only in this setup one of you controls the burners and the other person drives, you can move around while constantly doing this. The final co-driver ability is the roadblock. The roadblock allows 2 players to stretch across a small area. This creates a field that damages the opposing team when they drive through it and gives your fellow team mate a speed boost. To stop a co-driver ability, all the opposing team must do is burn you or ram you and it will separate you both, turning off your magnet.


Once you get a hang of how the game feels and plays you’ll find that it is fun and engaging. There’s just something about it that’s different from others and it is most likely the fact that you are encouraged to troll the opposing team to stop them from winning. When I first started playing Team Racing League, it was not long after the release. It did prove difficult to get games going as you must play online. However, as awareness of the game has grown it has been increasingly easier to find people to play with and the developers are actively engaging with their community, arranging public events to get people involved. When you get a good team together and you work together as the game intends you will find it hard to put down. I haven’t come across a single unfriendly player yet. When the rounds end players must vote for an MVP who will receive bonus points. This contributes to the stats and leader boards.

Simple controls work well, and the graphics are unique…

The controls in Team Racing League are simple keyboard controls and the game also includes support for game pads. The keyboard controls don’t feel like they respond as well as the game pad does but this does not present much of a problem once you get a hang of things. It is just down to preference.

TRL Controls

The minimalist graphics, simple colours and overhead view work well for this game. It is not the best-looking game in the world. But it doesn’t need to be. You’ll be more interested in destroying other players than what the game looks like. The sound effects are unique and the sound track seems to fit the atmosphere and tone.

Looking to the future…

As this is an early access game you can expect to run into some minor bugs. There’s nothing worth mentioning here as they are usually match specific and are gone when you move on to your next game. However, I have not run into any major game breaking bugs and Gamious are working on and releasing regular updates which is pleasing to see. There are too many early access games out there that do not receive updates for months.


There are changes in the works and some features that the developers are hoping to include in futures updates. These include 2 new sets of track — forest and Ice based. Team ranks, leader boards and customisation and matchmaking. They also hope to add local multiplayer and allow players to customise their vehicles. It is worth taking this with a pinch of salt however, as some of these features may get dropped during the natural development of the game. Gamious are also taking on-board feedback from their community and are always open to suggestions that may help the game improve and for any features that may be added.

Should you play Team Racing League?

Team Racing League is a fun and engaging game that makes you want to keep playing. Although it is in early access it is being regularly updated and already has a small growing community based around it. Its unique graphics aren’t the most realistic in the world but this helps add to its charm. It is a shame that this game isn’t more popular as it does look to have a lot of potential. I do recommend you give Team Racing League a try, it’s reasonably cheap at the moment and there is a free demo available on steam so you really don’t have much to lose. This is a game to keep an eye on.

Have you played Team Racing League? Do you agree with my review? I would love to know what you think about the game in the comments section below!

  • Fun and engaging
  • Addictive
  • Minimalist graphics work well
  • Slightly buggy due to early access
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  1. I quite enjoy playing Team Racing League, has anyone else checked this out?


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