Dying Light: The Following – All Experimental Buggy Parts (Location guide)

This video shows the location of all 5 experimental military blueprints for the Buggy. Most of the parts can be found along the railway line from the top to the bottom of the map. Most locations are also surrounded by military infected as well.


Experimental Military Brakes –
Found right at the very bottom of the map, where the railway splits into 2, follow the left one to reach the containers outside the red gates

Experimental Military Suspension –
Found in a railway container on the bridge near the middle of the map, above the river

Experimental Military Traction –
Directly East of Jasir’s Farm up on the highway in a military Truck

Experimental Military Turbo –
Found Up in the North West most part of the map where the Railway enters a tunnel

Experimental Military Engine –
Found off the coast to the east of the map on some rocks

The Military Crate requires a military key card. This is given to you by Jasir as you completed a couple of the main story quests and as well as helping the people. Complete the Story Quest “The Gathering” and be a high enough trust (I was Believer). After this Jasir will contact you and ask you to see him, he will give you the key card.

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