About Jazman Games

Welcome to my website. I love talking about video games and sharing my opinions with the people around me. I set up this website to showcase my work and to offer my services to other people. I primarily deal with video game reviews on PC but I also write opinion pieces on video game topics that I find of interest.

When I review a game, it doesn’t matter if I have been asked to do so by a developer or if I am just doing it for myself. I will always write a review that is truly my own opinion and whether or not I think my readers should give it a try.

This website is mainly used as a portfolio and is not intended to compete with other similar websites. I have written a guest review for Average Xbox Gamer and I also occasionally write on GameSkinny. In fact, some of my favourite work is actually on GameSkinny and all of my work on there has been promoted to their front page.

I am open to opportunities working with developers no matter how big or small and also writing for other websites so please feel free to use my contact page to get in touch.

My System Specs:

Processor – Intel Core i7-4710MQ @2.50GHz
Graphics – nVidia GeForce GTX 970m 6GB
Ram – 16GB DDR3 Memory
Storage – 128GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD (Operating System)
Storage – 500GB mSATA SSD (Games)
Storage – 1TB WD Blue HDD (Storage / Games)
Mouse – Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

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